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Reviews of "Disquiet on the Set"

Rick S. from California

I read it this month while on vacation—crisp, neatly plotted, witty and entertaining!

Super Fun Read!

I Iove Kate Caldwell! Hallmark Channel should make a TV series based on this character!

A refreshing, lighthearted murder mystery that was fun to read. No twisted, psycho killer with all the graphic descriptions that would accompany one.

Having grown up with my nose stuck in Nancy Drew mysteries and loving "Murder She Wrote," there is now Kate Caldwell to fill the void. All the expressions that Faulkner uses, "As my mother used to say..." are priceless. I've memorized a few and feel wiser and more creative already. If you're a TV, film or theatre buff you'll appreciate the numerous references to the industry. If not, like me, you'll learn something new with every turn of the page.

I looked forward to reading Disquiet every night and await the next Kate Caldwell Mystery! 

Ms Faulkner’s second Kate Caldwell mystery begins with an upheaval… a bicoastal move from New York to LaLa Land. Once there, we are transported to a series of iconic Los Angeles landmarks not unlike a Michael Connelly mystery only without the sordid LAPD politics. Oh no, this is the backstabbing, philandering, disingenuous yet aspirational world of TV and Film.
For outsiders, she offers up an intriguing look at the daily machinations of television production. For insiders, her story will evoke the complicated relationships of an ensemble cast and the dimly lit meanderings past blackened flats into the din and warm glow of a soap opera set. Along with this comes an insightful mystery and a most entertaining read. Buy it!


Reviews of "An Actor's Nightmare"

Kate Caldwell Needs A TV Show!

I'm a big murder mystery fan and I really enjoyed both of Elizabeth Faulkner's Kate Caldwell books. Definitely a star in the making."

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